Yoga with Karen -To resume after Lockdown

My passion is to support the Well-Being of people who wish to show up for themselves. 

Now is a time we need to support each other and our own well-being.  Exploring Yoga for the first time or returning to a practice then these classes are ideal.  We will focus on breathing techniques and fueling each movement with breath.  Building heat in the body and perhaps even breaking a sweat to slowing back down and surrendering to relaxation in savasana.  This is a chance to explore what feels good in your body and get to know yourself a little deeper to become more confident and aware of your wants and needs.

Once you register for the class it is your responsibility to notify the instructor of any injuries.  If you have any pain or discomfort in the joints please modify your postures to ease and support.  Yoga is not competitive and should be practiced with some ease using the breath as guidance.  Even if your having an off day I recommend you log on and show up, take it breath by breath and child's pose will always be there to support you.

There are 8 Limbs to yoga will be explored in each practice. 

To give a brief run down these are the ...

Yamas - External discipline

Niyama - self observation

Asana - postures or poses

Pranayama - breath control

Pratyahara - control of the senses 

Dharana - concentration 

Dhyana - meditation 

Samadhi - Enlightened living. 



A willing body ready to show up. 

Where possible use your own yoga mat, towel or blanket.  Where comfortable clothes that can be layered for meditation.  Water bottle.

Online:  You will need enough space to roll out the mat.  If you do not have a mat then on a rug or using a towel is advised to support body.

Suggested props at home might be a strap or belt as well as a bolster or pillow.  Also a yoga block or books the sit on and support the spine in meditation.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Morning Ritual

A morning ritual is something I explored several years ago after reading Hal Elrods Miracle morning and was introduced to the five Tibetan Rites.  I choose three things that are good for me and I enjoy and do them first thing in the morning before I do any work. Yes this sometimes means getting up earlier but rather first thing then put them off again and again.

Join me for 30 minutes to explore movement, breath and meditation.


Warrior Yoga Online

has been inspired by martial arts and Vinyasa flow yoga.  This is a more dynamic yoga practice exploring movement and breath.  This sequence of yoga postures will vary lesson to lesson to help you get out of your head and into the present moment.  You may feel challenged in some areas and may even break a sweat. 

You will be asked to explore each posture with playful curiosity and really listen to your body.   Take what ever modification you need for your body.  No posture should cause pain as long as you are tuned into what you are doing.  One thing is for sure you will be encouraged to focus on your breath and feel grounded in the present moment.


Mindful Yoga

A slower yoga flow to slow that the body and become more mindful of movement within the body rather then getting the exact pose.  More awareness will be brought to the body and min rather then the 'perfect' pose.  Each class will be different bringing awareness to your present thoughts, feelings and sensations without judgment.

A 6 week course of mindful yoga at Ballinwillin House in Mitchlestown.  Plenty of space to social distance and feel relaxed and safe in your environment.  Check out for more information on this serene landscape set in beautiful North Cork.  


Studio Classes



Online Classes



Private Classes