Wellbeing and Retreats

Well-being is feeling good about yourself right now. 

How do you feel right now with the world the way it is around you?   Are you functioning well in everyday life, or most of the time? 


Learning to be resilient in life is an important attribute of wellbeing. When you are resilient you can take risks and sometimes the biggest risks are trusting your instincts for your higher good.

My example of this is starting taekwondo at age 30 with no attachment to the outcome, and now I am fortunate enough to be awarded a red belt.  I am not saying this to brag because more times then not I didn't think myself worthy to be in taekwondo gradings, but what I gained from showing up to class each week is a room full of honest to goodness friends for life and a red belt  nearly 5 years on.  Roll on Black belt.

Being mindful of my everyday life is an important aspect of well-being.  

In Yoga classes I often ask what feels good?  Something we should explore everday.  I enjoyed breath fresh air from the trees and thinking about the visual shape of the branches that look very like the veins in my wrists and hands.  The trees are the lungs of the earth and we need them.  I enjoy being mindful of my movements here on earth and appreciate my feet.  This is why I photograph them from time to time.

Use technology to be more mindful to explore what feels good for your well-being.

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